My break was so much fun! I got lots of gifts for christmas. I got Black Ops II, Assassins Creed 3, Halo 4, Minecraft for the XBOX, Farcry 3, and Sleeping dogs. Lots of the army guys faces were disfigured. My favorite weapon is the grenade.I also got the care package that came with the game and killed my brother on a team deathmatch 453 to 332. this was my weekend.


My weekend

My weekend was not that bad but I got 5 new slender games. The rest of my weekend I played with my god brother and Sunday I had a football party. I had a pretty good weekend.

my thanksgiving break

my thanks giving break was pretty cool. I first started mine by throwing my sister a b-day party. the next day i played with my god brother all day. then i made apple crisp for thanksgiving and got to play black ops II over my friends house.the next day i downloaded the new slender but didn’t play yet. the rest of my break was boring.

St George’s Park: White Elephant Or Saviour Of The Three Lions?

that would be my dream house

The Shankly Way

Today marks the opening of St George’s Park training and coaching facility by the FA, a facility which has been 20 years in the making. The theory is that by having a world-class facility in order to conduct training, coaching, rehabilitation and sports science the centre will provide the platform to propel England at all levels (men and women) to ultimate glory in World Cups and European Championships.

One of the major benefits touted by the FA is that this facility will enable England to teach and qualify coaches to preach the gospel to the waiting masses. However, like all religions the ‘Bible’ can be interpreted in many ways.

On a visit to Spain 4 years ago with my sons U-15 team, who by the way where the dogs bollocks in their area having won the league and cup in successive seasons, we played against 4 Spanish boys teams in…

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Who Dressed Best? Week Five Uniformity

good game

The Packer Perspective

There were plenty of good looking games this weekend, but there’s one giant pink problem floating around the league. Not only is the NFL committing an entire month of the schedule to wearing pink accessories, but they’ve once again selected the most obnoxious shade of the color imaginable. It just seems so gimmicky and weird…seriously, what about this looks good?

But like I said, there were some good looking games this weekend, and we even got our first look at the Jaguars new uniform top. That said, every uniform should be considered as having an asterisk signifying “except for the pink.” As in, “the Packers and Colts looked good, except for the pink.” Speaking of…

1. Packers vs. Colts

The results certainly weren’t pretty for the Packers, but the product on the field looked nice. The unfortunate thing is that the pink really stood out on these two relatively simply…

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Fan on Fire: 2013 – NFL Mock Draft – Vol. 1

Fan on Fire

Matt Barkley Quarterback Matt Barkley #7 of the USC Trojans throws the ball during a game against the Utah Utes during the first half of a college football game October 4, 2012 at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah. USC beat Utah 38-28.The Draft order is based on my weekly NFL Team Power Rankings, so things may look differently as we get into the second half of the season.  So here is my first mock draft for 2013.

32.  Houston Texans – T.J. McDonald, S – USC :  The Texans add even more talent to an already talented defense.

31.  Atlanta Falcons –  Marcus Lattimore, RB – South Carolina:  Michael Turner has a lot of tread on his tires.

30.  San Francisco 49ers –  Xavier Rhodes, CB – Florida State:  The 49ers add more depth to the defensive backfield.

29.  Baltimore Ravens –  Terrence Williams, WR – Baylor:  The Ravens add another WR for Joe Flacco.

28. New England Patriots –  Johnathan Jenkins, NT – Georgia:  The Patriots get Wilfork’s heir apparent.

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Defense solid as Hawks win against Panthers

nice pic

Always Rebuilding: A Northwest Sports Blog

The defense showed up to play in Carolina as the team got their first road win against a young unproven Panthers team led by diva Cam Newton. A stout and physical defensive effort was shown by the Hawks as Bruce Irvin led the team in sacks (2) The Legion of Boom and company held Cam to only 141 yard of passing and a combined 82 rushing yards from 6 players. The team set out to dismantle the Panthers biggest asset and they did just that taking down last years Rookie of the Year.

The offense on the other hand is still working out their kinks as Russell Wilson did air it out quite a bit more then we have seen this season. Throwing for 221 yards completing 18 passes along with 1 touchdown pass to Golden Tate in the 4th quarter. Wilson however did show signs of error as he…

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